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In defence of Conspiracy Theories…


There is much snobbish dismissal of so called ‘conspiracy theories’ from the scientific, political, academic & journalistic community. I argue that conspiracy theories are a valid & necessary contribution to the discussion of certain events & deserve just as much credibility as those of the ‘experts’. I say this as someone who wholeheartedly subscribes to…

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The end is nigh & I blame The Joe’s.


These are strange times for music. CD is dead & whole albums are bought for a couple of quid, or just ripped straight from YouTube & played on phones along with the 10 million other tracks you own. Personally, I think its awesome. I love the fact that I can hear anything I want, anytime,…

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‘Vote with a Bullet’ & Gun Control


The Gun Control debate is hot news in the U.S. at the moment; the constant stream of opinions on the subject (mostly extreme) inspired me to write the song above, but my own opinion on the subject comes from….

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