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Konic | definition :  “Anything that is otherwise indefinable / defies categorisation”

Referred to as the “Warped Genius” by BBC Radio 1, James is a Singer, Songwriter & Producer as well as the Singer/Guitarist with Cardiff Alternative Rock band Kyshera. James has written for a diverse range of artists & producers and also owns the Publishing/Sync Company Konic Records. Konic Records has major partner companies in almost every country worldwide and has provided music for TV campaigns by the BBC, Aria Hotels, SAT1 Europe, Koko Bank Taiwan, Syfy USA & many more.  As an artist, James has written & produced 3 Kyshera albums & 3 solo albums, all released through Konic Record. James is a tireless & passionate performer having performed 100’s of shows in many different countries. His latest solo album ‘Home’ was a Top 50 Best Seller on Amazon and features the singles ‘Unconditional’, ‘Hometown’ & ‘Just a Man’. James also does frequent cover songs on his Youtube channel as well as a regular chat videos entitled ‘#Twinterview’ where he answers questions sent in by his Twitter followers.

To contact Management please email : info@jameskennedystuff.com

Fan Mail : misfits@jameskennedystuff.com

For Konic Records, please contact : info@konicrecords.com

For anything Kyshera related, please also contact : info@konicrecords.com


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